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SEAQ's Professional Learning Program

SEAQ regards continuous professional learning as an obligation for every teacher.
On this page you will find:

  • Professional Learning requirements for every Queensland teacher
  • SEAQ's professional learning program
  • How SEAQ's program conforms with the requirements

2. SEAQ's Professional Learning Program

Each year, SEAQ endeavours to provide the following forms of PD:

  • A speaker of general interest to social educators at our Annual General Meeting (usually held in March)

  • At least one full day's PD on a current topic of importance to members. At these sessions, members are encouraged to reflect on their practice and find an area that they can work on improving (in accordance with their CPD plan and AITSL standards).
  • Occasional webinars to attract members outside Brisbane, involving similar reflection, with sharing carried out on our website blog.
  • A Sharefest towards the end of each year, with a speaker on a current topic, and the opportunity for teachers to share their experiences, especially those related to classroom attempts to implement a new area of professional learning, or something gained during another SEAQ event.
  • An online program aimed at action-learning related to an area identified by the teacher, and of particular use to regional and remote members.

1. To summarise the professional learning obligations of every teacher in Queensland, they are:

  • Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) requires that every teacher reflect on their practice and develop a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) plan.
  • The Australian Institute of Teachers and School Leaders (AITSL) is developing a Self Assessment Tool that can help with this reflection (should be available in mid- March).
  • AITSL also provides a plan for a cycle of professional learning that can assist.
  • For re-registration purposes, QCT requires evidence of the PD a teacher has engaged in for at least 20 hours a year over 5 years.
  • QCT also requires that the CPD plan of every teacher should consist of a balance of PD from three sources - (1) educational authorities, (2)their school and (3) those that the teacher individually identifies as necessary for improving their practice  (either generally, or in a subject area)
  • QCT requires a range of different types of PD, and provides a list that might suggest new avenues for teachers to take.
  • AITSL requires that the PD conforms to the new Australian Professional Standards, and the Australian Performance and Development Framework.
  • These documents adhere to a Charter of Professional Learning.  One of its stated aims is that: "Teachers take responsibility for, and actively engage in, professional learning in order to build their capacity and that of others". On page 7 there is a statement that SEAQ particularly endorses: "We need to look for professional learning that ...... offers support to change practice through coaching, mentoring and reflection, and also that ...   promotes action research and inquiry and develops teachers as researchers."

3. How SEAQ's program conforms with the requirements

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